Pottery workshop

Tsugaru Kanayama pottery has been strongly influenced by sueki, which used to be produced centuries ago. It is created by the yakishime method, involving firing and hardening the pottery at 1,350°C without using any glazes. The finished pottery features a truly unique and sophisticated texture.
The kiln can be visited year-round for free. There are also pottery workshops with easy-to-understand instructions from professionals.




electric pottery wheel

 Visitors can make pottery using a wheel for professional use. Trimming and firing after clay shaping will be done by the studio staff, so even tourists on a day trip can participate in the workshop.
Fees  5,500 yen per person (including tax)
Time approximately 60 minutes  *Three people at a maximum
hand-crafted Visitors can make pottery of various types, such as dinosaurs and dolls as well as dishes and cups. Rental manual pottery wheels are available (100 yen) for those who wish to make neatly shaped circular objects such as dishes.

1,550 yen per person (including tax)

Time 30 to 60 minutes

Open year-round
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Pottery class Chubachi

TEL 080-8488-2485

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