Sukoppu (shovel) shamisen

At Sukoppu-Shamisen-Kaikan, common iron sukoppu (shovels) and bottle openers are used as shamisen and bachi (pick) and played to various tunes. Visitors can enjoy the performances or try playing it. Many rare shovels are displayed, too.
Sukoppu shamisen is a party performance started by Byoubuzan Tateoka, head of a shamisen school and director of the facility, in 1985. It has been widely enjoyed as a party performance that everyone can easily try. Visitors can play the sukoppu shamisen on stage with Byoubuzan Tateoka or shamisen masters.


Closed from December 1 to March 31

10 am to 4 pm
Fees General admission: 1,000 yen


☎  0173-54-2260