History tour at Tsugaru Peninsula Lake Jusan

Participants will explore a government-designated historical site, the ruins of the port city of Tosaminato, which flourished in the Middle Ages and was closely connected to Oshu-Dewa Tosaminato, one of the major three bays and seven ports listed in Japan's earliest marine law, and the to the head of the Ando clan under the title of Hinomoto Shogun. Tours also include visits to the ruins of Fukushima Castle and Sannoubou, both of which had historical connections to Tosaminato. This is a guided tour starting from a michinoeki or roadside station. With a local tour guide, participants will be first introduced to an overview of the area at the Shiura History and Folklore Museum in the Jusanko Nakanoshima Bridge Park, and then set off for the ruins.


From July 1 to October 31
Reservation required


2,000 yen up to a 4-hour tour. *Museum admission fee is required separately


Michinoeki "Jusanko Kogen Tosam Green Park" 

☎  0173-62-3556