Massive parade floats accompanied by powerful festival music and the chant "Yattemare! Yattemare!" make their way through downtown Goshogawara. Tachineputa are as tall as 23 meters and as heavy as 19 tons. Spectators along the street are awed by the sheer size of them.
Each float is designed with a unique theme expressed with crafted shapes and brilliant colors. A fine balance of a powerful festival and exquisitely illuminated floats is the must-see feature of Tachineputa. 


August 4 to 8 every year 


Near JR Goshogawara Station


viewing Free
Reserved seating 3,000 yen to 3,500 yen
parking available


 (paid shuttle bus recommended)



Goshogawara City Tourist Association

Phone: 0173-38-1515

Mail info@go-kankou.jp 

[Reserved seating]

Goshogawara Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Phone: 0173-35-2121

Mail cci-info@gocci.or.jp

Machinaka Goshogawara Inc.

Phone: 0173-33-6338

Mail ap-91125@machinaka-go.co.jp